Month: <span>October 2015</span>

Melancholic Keyboard patch

A nice simple patch for playing peaceful sounding, melodic, melancholic duo phrases.


Download: MelancholicKeyboard.syx

Fusion Lead patch

A classic lead sound, well suitable for playing solos in a jazz fusion or prog rock band.


Download: FusionLead.syx

Broken Keyboard patch

A sick and somehow idiotic duo sound, raspy and rough, retriggering seemingly at will. But also very melodic and harmonic. Playing some nice duo phrases leads to quite interesting results here. Enjoy!


Download: BrokenKeyboard.syx

Trumpet patch

My go at a Vangelis-like trumpet sound. Velocity controls the filter, thus the sharpness of the sound. Aftertouch can re-open the filter after the Filter envelope has gone down to the sustain level. The Mod Wheel adds more detune to the oscillators, leading to a more metallic timbre (don’t overdo it).

Put some ice cold plate reverb on it, and maybe some echo, and you’ll be rewarded with a heroic yet mysterious trumpet sound!


Download: Trumpet.syx

Funky Lead patch

A simple and classic funky lead sound.

It’s quite suitable to play Herbie Hancock-style solos or basses, and also works fine in Hip Hop tunes.


Download: Funky Lead.syx