Tag: <span>Bass</span>

Slap Ring Patch

A fuzzy, percussive bass patch. Works nicely arpeggiated but also for big bass lines.

Submitted by Deeko


Download: slap-ring

Rave Basiks Patch

An interesting little sequence.

Submitted by: Robust American Patches


Download: rave-basiks.syx

Good for improv patch

This sound is strongly inspired by (but not meant to sound exactly like) a wonderful video by Ed Zuccollo, which you can see below.

Put good reverb and delay on it, carefully use the filter cutoff, and you’re in heaven.


Listen: (This is really just an example, and not at all comparable to the performance shown in the video)


Download: good-for-improv.syx

Funky Bass patch

Fiddled a little with the Sub. Ended up with the pretty funky synth bass, using the EG filter to create some funkiness and modulating noise with the mod wheel and aftertouch. What do you think?

Submitted by: Peter Houe Sørensen


Download: funky-bass-ps.syx

Hein Funk Western Bassline patch

First listen to one the most amazing album of Moog music: Heinz Funk Electric Combo
Then, I try to remake the sequence of the first track: Western Barock not perfect but Sub-37 is not a moog modular system 55 😉

Submitted by: Michel Bananes Jr.


Download: heinz-funk-western-bassline.syx

HAWOAH patch

A vocal sound that says “ha”, “wah” or “hawoah” by playing with the filter attack. Mod wheel opens the filter cutoff and aftertouch gives vibrato.

Submitted by: Michel Bananes Jr.


Download: hawoah.syx

Sine Wave patch

This is the sine wave patch described in this article.

It nicely works as a lead or bass sound. Even though a few slight harmonics are recognizable in a spectral view of the sound, it does sound like a pure sine wave.


Download: Sine-Wave.syx