Tag: <span>Distortion</span>

Rhythmic Chaos Patch

Lots of modulation going on: LFO 1 modulates OSC 1 pitch, filter cutoff, and Amp Env Loop; LFO 2 modulates OSC 2 pitch, filter and LFO 1 rate. Amp and filter envelopes are latched and looped, everything is synced up to the arpeggiator clock. The musician can’t do much to change the ways of this rumbling, howling, and ringing beast. Careful: Loud and extreme frequencies.


Download: rhythmic-chaos.syx

Screamin Mod Slave C1 Patch

Sounds like a screaming machine in the lower octaves.

Submitted by: Robust American Patches


Download: screamin-mod-slave-c1.syx

Bass Run 61 patch

One of my patches used in the track “Sub37 Tribute”.

Submitted by: Trooper Starship


Download: bass-run-61.syx

Dist Lead @ patch

A fairly basic driven lead using feedback and multidrive. Use aftertouch for vibrato, mod wheel for brightness/drive.

Submitted by: DrJustice


Download: dist-lead-@.syx

Broken Keyboard patch

A sick and somehow idiotic duo sound, raspy and rough, retriggering seemingly at will. But also very melodic and harmonic. Playing some nice duo phrases leads to quite interesting results here. Enjoy!


Download: BrokenKeyboard.syx

Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter

If you’re looking for something to beef up your Sub 37 even more, this is my recommendation: The Waldorf 2-Pole analog filter.