Tag: <span>Duo</span>

PowerChord GroovE 2 Patch

Seq where MW changes the pitch interval between the oscillators, among other things.

Submitted by: Robust American Patches


Download: powerchord-groove-2.syx

Drone+Lead patch

Drone+Lead uses duo mode with oscillator 2 as a drone tuned to E. Oscillator 2 plays a lead sound. Use aftertouch for vibrato and the mod wheel for vibrato speed. Use oscillator 2 FREQUENCY control to set the key of the drone (mid position is C). Also use the octave and waveform settings of OSC 2 to vary the drone. Use OSC 2 in the mixer to control the drone level.

Submitted by: DrJustice

Download: dronelead.syx

Shut up and dance Lead patch

This patch comes from the popular song Shut Up and Dance, from the band Walk the Moon.

DrJustice over at Gearslutz.com programmed this sound!

Original thread on GearSlutz.com

Submitted by: John Huie

Download: shut-up-and-dance.syx

Plasma patch

Play with the filter amt. And play duo.

Submitted by: Luloop

Download: Plasma-1.syx

Melancholic Keyboard patch

A nice simple patch for playing peaceful sounding, melodic, melancholic duo phrases.


Download: MelancholicKeyboard.syx

Broken Keyboard patch

A sick and somehow idiotic duo sound, raspy and rough, retriggering seemingly at will. But also very melodic and harmonic. Playing some nice duo phrases leads to quite interesting results here. Enjoy!


Download: BrokenKeyboard.syx