Tag: <span>Funky</span>

Squeaky Lead Patch

Squeaky, sweet, funky, cute.
A lead sound that is not for everybody, but can do good things 🙂


Download: squeaky-lead.syx

Funky Bass patch

Fiddled a little with the Sub. Ended up with the pretty funky synth bass, using the EG filter to create some funkiness and modulating noise with the mod wheel and aftertouch. What do you think?

Submitted by: Peter Houe Sørensen


Download: funky-bass-ps.syx

Hip Hop Bass patch

A simple bass, but warm, thick and funky. Sits very nicely in a mix.


Download: HipHopBass.syx

Funky Lead patch

A simple and classic funky lead sound.

It’s quite suitable to play Herbie Hancock-style solos or basses, and also works fine in Hip Hop tunes.


Download: Funky Lead.syx