Tag: <span>FX</span>

Rhythmic Chaos Patch

Lots of modulation going on: LFO 1 modulates OSC 1 pitch, filter cutoff, and Amp Env Loop; LFO 2 modulates OSC 2 pitch, filter and LFO 1 rate. Amp and filter envelopes are latched and looped, everything is synced up to the arpeggiator clock. The musician can’t do much to change the ways of this rumbling, howling, and ringing beast. Careful: Loud and extreme frequencies.


Download: rhythmic-chaos.syx

Bubbles Patch

Bubbles, lots of bubbles.

LFO 1 modulates the pitch, LFO 2 modulates the frequency of LFO 1. Play with OSC 2 gain to change the bubble character.


Download: bubbles.syx

Screamin Mod Slave C1 Patch

Sounds like a screaming machine in the lower octaves.

Submitted by: Robust American Patches


Download: screamin-mod-slave-c1.syx

HAWOAH patch

A vocal sound that says “ha”, “wah” or “hawoah” by playing with the filter attack. Mod wheel opens the filter cutoff and aftertouch gives vibrato.

Submitted by: Michel Bananes Jr.


Download: hawoah.syx

The Clonking patch

This patch generates percussive clonky sounds. Funny when synching the Arp and playing with the rate.


Download: The Clonking.syx