Tag: <span>Lead</span>

Squeaky Lead Patch

Squeaky, sweet, funky, cute.
A lead sound that is not for everybody, but can do good things 🙂


Download: squeaky-lead.syx

Good for improv patch

This sound is strongly inspired by (but not meant to sound exactly like) a wonderful video by Ed Zuccollo, which you can see below.

Put good reverb and delay on it, carefully use the filter cutoff, and you’re in heaven.


Listen: (This is really just an example, and not at all comparable to the performance shown in the video)


Download: good-for-improv.syx

Phasing Lead patch

A fat sounding, yet not aggressive classic lead sound. A tiny amount of Noise adds some subtle smokiness, and the phasing of the detuned oscillators is mesmerizing.


Download: Phasing Lead.syx

Martenot’s Touch patch

This preset is more a way to control your keyboard than a sound.
I try to find a way to develop expression of my playing with aftertouch
The MP3 is a 3-tracks recording made with a self-resonant filter,
aftertouch controls the VCA level and mod wheel as a filter vibrato.

you can try a lot of differents presets with this way of controling keyboard, it generates lot of surprises.

Submitted by: michel bananes jr


Download: martenots-touch-1.syx

Romantic warrior patch

A lead inspired by Chick Coreas’s Romantic warrior.


Download: romantic-warrior-01.syx

HAWOAH patch

A vocal sound that says “ha”, “wah” or “hawoah” by playing with the filter attack. Mod wheel opens the filter cutoff and aftertouch gives vibrato.

Submitted by: Michel Bananes Jr.


Download: hawoah.syx

Sine Wave patch

This is the sine wave patch described in this article.

It nicely works as a lead or bass sound. Even though a few slight harmonics are recognizable in a spectral view of the sound, it does sound like a pure sine wave.


Download: Sine-Wave.syx