Tag: <span>Woodwind</span>

Martenot’s Touch patch

This preset is more a way to control your keyboard than a sound.
I try to find a way to develop expression of my playing with aftertouch
The MP3 is a 3-tracks recording made with a self-resonant filter,
aftertouch controls the VCA level and mod wheel as a filter vibrato.

you can try a lot of differents presets with this way of controling keyboard, it generates lot of surprises.

Submitted by: michel bananes jr


Download: martenots-touch-1.syx

Flute 1 patch

This is a flute’ish sound. Use mod wheel and LFO 1 rate for modulation. Velocity and aftertouch control the ‘breath’ strength.

Submitted by: DrJustice

Download: flute-1.syx

Flute patch

A classic Flute patch. Velocity controls the noise intensity.


Download: Flute.syx