The Sub 37 offers the fantastic variable waveshape oscillators, giving you triangle, sawtooth, rectangle and pulse waveshapes, as well as everything in between.

However, the oscillators don’t offer a simple sine wave. In deed, a sine wave features no harmonic content except for the fundamental note, so it does not make much sense in subtractive synthesis. Still, it does have a very soft and pleasant character that I personally really like. Here’s a way to create a sine on the Sub 37.

  1. In the Mixer section, turn off OSC1, OSC2, Sub Oscillator, Noise, and Feedback.
  2. In the Filter section, crank the Resonance all the way up
  3. Make sure, the Filter Envelope does not affect the Filter
  4. Also make sure that the Keyboard Tracking knob for the filter is centered
  5. Play a note: There’s your sine wave!
  6. Using the Filter Cutoff knob, tune the pitch of the tone correctly
  7. Using the Filter’s KB TRACK knob, tune the tracking so the octaves are consistent

Tip 1: To use vibrato, the Mod Bus must be set to affect the Filter Cutoff, not the oscillator pitch.
Tip 2: The AMP EG still works as with the normal oscillators.
Tip 3: Mix in a tiny(!) bit of Noise and you’ll get a cheap flute sound.

There’s also a ready-to-use patch available, in case you don’t want to do it yourself: Sine Wave patch